FAQ Business Solar

FAQ: Erhvervs plant

How good is the investment

Solar for business should be repaid after a minimum of 10years. The plant has a life expectancy of at least 30 years. As the rules are today (June 2013), then it pays to invest in solar panels for all who pay more than 85 cents per kWh. This award is achieved return of at least about 10%

Size of PV systems

There is no upper limit for plant sizes.

Of investment size

As a starting point, we at KlimaEnergi-Energy “package prices”. Package price examples:

Highest annuity panels, best warranty.
Danfoss TLX Pro inverters
Brackets for roof mounting (asbestos-cement roofs with slope)
Installation on the roof
Electrical installation
50 kWp: 425,000 DKK ex VAT 200 kWp: 1,660,000 DKK ex VAT rate includes typical ENTIRE project. There may be extra connection cost figure for any new grid etc.


More Well-Energy A / S will be happy to build applications for the new photovoltaic system. Supply undertaking Always perspective, by the project. More Well-Energy A / S have very good relations with many utilities and are happy to help with the switch.

Photovoltaic Equipment layout

The system consists of high-performance polycrystalline panels of top quality. These panels are placed in brackets on roofs. Inverters supplied by Danfoss, Kostal or such. SMA. These inverters have the best performance and service. This is the “String Inverters” Danfoss example. use with great success, for example. one of Europe’s largest construction: Eggebæk in Germany.


Plants can generally be fitted to ALL take KlimaEnergi-Energy A / S works exclusively with professional technicians, all of which are insured and required training.


Systems connected by qualified electrical engineer in cooperation with the local utility company. When from existing installations can cost reduced dramatically.


More Well-Energy A / S are experts in large plants, and offers a complete solution from start to finish that requires minimal involvement, and at the agreed price. Based on KlimaEnergis solid experience we have put together a consulting package with the following milestones:

Complete system description
Proven performance overview
Authorities Processing
Detailed Process Description
Installation and delivery
In short Welmmore-Energy offers OneStop shopping on solar investment.

Insurance of plant

Most major insurance companies insure like plants.


The solar panels All panels have 25 year guarantee on performance. This warranty is reinsured by internationelt insurance company. A 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on the panels, there are no wearing parts in them. All panels are produced by industry standard IEC 61215 Inverters All inverters have a 5 year guarantee, this can be extended to 10 years or longer. System Warranty Service Solar cell is supplied with a 2 year full system service included in fixed price. System Services include all costs associated with any service calls. Additionally offered service for the entire life of the plant, this can include continuous online monitoring of production, quarterly reports and hotline mm.